Joining Healthcare Expo 2019 in Taiwan

We are joinning Healthcare Expo Taiwan 2019 from Dec 5-8. Coating P. Materials (CPM), which researches and develops artificial blood vessels, invited us to display the nanofiber electrospinning system as a device for developing medical applications. ≫ more

Visitting in USA and Canada

Hi this is Saku at MECC. We visited the USA and Canada. Let me share my trip with you!   First visiting to San Francisco! World famous Golden Gate Bridge! We walked across the bridge! Well we’ve gotta get into shape lol . (MECC Naito, Saku, Mr.V≫ more

Visitting in around China 2019

Hi! I’m Yan Qifeng, from Nanofiber Sales Department. Let me introduce my visitting place on 2019 in China.   西華師範大学(China West Normal University) Jan. 2019  in Sichuan We installed the NANON-01A and operated equipment trainning for student≫ more

Visitting CPM in Taiwan

We visitted Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd.(CPM)in Taipei, Taiwan on July 2019 and installed our new electrospinning machine EAB-101 and demonstrated making nanofiber sheets. EAB-101 CPM research and develop the latest coating materials and use the EA≫ more

Nativas Sciences visitted MECC! on March 2019

(Photo: Usui, Konishi, Mr.Cesar, Naito)   Mr.Cesar Gonzalez at Nativas Sciences visitted MECC from U.S.A. on March 2019 and we had meeting about our business. We introduced how to operate and maintenance the NANON-01A.   Nativas Sciences ha≫ more

Visitting NAMI in Hong Kong

We visited Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd(NAMI) in Hong Kong and installed the additional parts for the electrospinning machine NW-101. This update the NW-101 will be able to make a better quality nanofiber samples.   They research an≫ more

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Shutdown of Operations; Aug 11 – 15

Our office will be closed on August 11 to 15 for summer break. Please send e-mail to in the period. We will try to get back with you a.s.a.p.   MECC

Joining “NANO KOREA 2019”

This week we joined The Nano Korea 2019 Symposium, held at KINTEX, Korea.     We have gotten very much encouragement from up-to-date nanofiber research trend.

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Shutdown of Operations; Apr 27 – May 6

We will close our office and factory in the period from April 27 – May 6 due to Japanese National Holidays especially for imperial throne. Please send e-mail to in the period.  We will try to get back with you a.s.a.p. MECC