Core-shell nanofiber electrospinning machine

The up-to-date pilot production machine with high productivity and operability.
The CSF-101 is an electrospinning machine to electrospin nanofiber nonwovens sheets of core-shell structures for medical applications and electronic components.

Main features

  • Electrospinning of Core/Shell Nanofiber Sheets.
  • The CSF-101 can spin nonwovens of effective width more than 1-meter by installing coaxial spinnerets on 4 or 6 rows of rails.
    Number of holes, number of pieces and arrangement of spinnerets can be changed in accordance with solutions and conditions.

  • High productivity and operability
  • Spinning conditions can be quickly and easily programmed via an operation panel to spin.

Specifications and performance

Typical objects nonwovens sheets (effective width: 1000mm)
Standard collector a steel belt
Standard spinneret coaxial spinnerets
High voltage power supply Positive polarity +50kv (Up to 3 units can be integrated.)
Negative polarity -30kv (1 unit)
Pump gear pump (Up to 3 units can be integrated.)
Syringe pump (Up to 3 units can be integrated.)
Solution pump supply gear pump: 50 to 500ml/h
Syringe pump: 0.1 to 50ml/h
Spinning distance 100 to 400mm
Traversing Traversing range: 400mm (±200mm)
Traversing speed: 0 to 300mm/sec
Conveyor speed 1.5m/min or less
Control PLC/ touch panel

Custome design of the equipment can be made upon request.