Components for Electrospinning ; Spinneret series

Spinnerets also called "nozzels" take tens of kilovolts charge on their outlets and polymer solution jets will be injected to gounded collectors to spin nanofiber sheets.
Use of spinnerets of different shape and function makes a variety of nanofibers.

Clip Spinneret

A standard spinneret for NANON and NF can spin various nano-fiber sheets in a short time. Handling is easy because only the metal connector have to be cleaned.

Vertical Clip Spinneret

A clip spinneret of vertical syringe arrangement.

Easy handling and cleaning.

11-syringe Clip Spinneret

A clip spinneret which can set a maximum of 10 syringes.

(There are 11 holes.)

Easy handling and cleaning.

Tubeless Spinneret

A spinneret directly to integrate a syringe to save solutions.

Ideal for evaluation of spinning performance of various solutions and textiles.

Coaxial Spinneret

A spinneret to spin core/shell-structure nanofibers.
Models for different syringes of 18G, 22G and 27G are available.

Inner diameter
18G: Core φ0.94mm Shell φ2.5mm
22G: Core φ0.48mm Shell φ1.4mm
27G: Core φ0.22mm Shell φ0.8mm

Solution Heating  Spinneret

A spinneret to spin nanofibers by heating solutions up to 200℃.

Materials which cannot be spun at normal temperature can be spun using this device.

Multiple Jet Spinneret (MJS)

A spinneret with multiple jet outlets to spin nanofibers more than 10 times efficient compared to single-nozzle spinnerets.

It spins wide materials with relatively low voltages.

Pipe Spinneret

The up-to-date spinneret to be integrated to the NW-101.
Jets will come out of tips of small rings on the pipe to spin nanofibers widely and quickly.

【Clip Spinneret】

Product Model System
Clip Spinneret_75 S-CL/75 NANON, NF
Clip Spinneret_100 S-CL/100 NF

【11-syringe Nozzle】

Product Model System
11-syringe Nozzle_100 S-11N/100 NF

【Tubeless Spinneret】

Product Model System
Tubeless Spinneret_75 S-TU/75 NANON, NF
Tubeless Spinneret_100 S-TU/100

【Coaxial Spinneret】

Product Model System
Coaxial Spinneret 75 S-CA/18G/75
Coaxial Spinneret 100 S-CA/18G/100

【Solution Heating Spinneret】

Product Model System
Solution Heating Unit S-HU/100
Syringe for Heating S-H-S/100

【Multiple Jet Spinneret】

Product Model System
MJS_Nholes_size S-MJ/**** NANON, NF, EDEN
MJS Holder_75 S-MJ-H/75 NANON, NF, EDEN
MJS Holder_100 S-MJ-H/100 NANON, NF, EDEN

【Pipe Spinneret】

Product Model System
Pipe Spinneret 600mm S-PN/600 NW-101

* MJS models are available with 4, 6, 8, 12 and 22holes in different shapes.
   Please consult our sales representative for details.
* The number after / is the width of the arm.