Components for Electrospinning ; Collector series

Nanofibers will be spun by jets of polymer solutions spraying from a spinneret, to which high voltage at 20 to 40 kilovolts is applied, to a grounded collector.
A variety of nanofibers can be made by choosing collectors of different shape, size and function.

Plate Collector

Good for spinning nonwoven sheets.It is convenient to use the collector to calculate spinning conditions.

Sample size:
・ 200 x 150 mm
・ 600 x 150 mm

Drum Collector

Nonwoven sheets and aligned fibers can be spun by varying rotation speed.

Sample size:
・ A4 x 2 sheets
 (200 x 600 mm)
・ 450 x 628 mm
・ 600 x 628 mm

Mandrel Collector

Tubular nanofiber structure can be spun. Mandrels of preferred diameter can be custom made.

Diameter of rods:
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (mm)

Disk Collector

Aligned nanofiber bundles can be spun.

628mm-long filament

Roll to Roll Collector

The collector can be integrated to NANON and NF series to spin nanofiber sheets. Alminum foil can be used as base materials.

Sample size:
・ 200mm x 10m
・ 450mm x 10m

Y-axis Slide Collector

The plate collector was modified so that its Y-axis will be moved.
A controller unit is required.
Stroke: +/- 25mm
Speed: 0 to 10mm

Sample size: 10mm x 10mm

【Plate Collector】

Product Model System
Plate collector C-PL NANON, NF-500
Plate collector_600x150 C-PL/600x150 NF-500

【Mandrel Collector】

Product Model System
Mandrel Collector C-MA NANON, NF-500

【Drum Collector】

Product Model System
Drum Collector_φ200W200 C-DR/D200W200 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ100W200 C-DR/D100W200 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ200W30 C-DR/D200W30 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ200W600 C-DR/D200W600 NF-500

【Roll to Roll Collector】

Product Model System
R to R Collector_NANON C-RR/NA NANON
R to R Collector_500 C-RR/NF NF-500
R to R Collector_450 C-RR/450 NF
R to R Controller C-RR-OP NANON
R to R Wiring Adapter_NANON C-RR-WIRE/NA NANON

【Disk Collector】

Product Model System
Disk collector C-DI NANON, NF-500

【Y-axis Slide Collector】

Product Model System
Y-axis Slide Collector C-YA NANON, NF-500
Y-axis Collector Controller C-YA-OP NANON, NF-500