Components for Electrospinning ;

Components for Electrospinning ;

High voltage / High frequency power supply

The DC high voltage power supply to apply high voltage at tens of kilovolts to spinnerets to spin nanofibers. There are 30kV/40kV/50kV models of positive or negative polarity, which can be integrated to NF or EDEN. A high frequency power supply is also available to heat solutions in case materials cannot be spun at normal temperature.

電界紡糸用部品 高圧電源/ 高周波電源ユニット
Product Model Specifications
High Voltage Unit_30P100 HVU-30P100 +30kV, 100μA
High Voltage Unit_30N100 HVU-30N100 -30kV, -100μA
High Voltage Unit_40P100 HVU-40P100 +40kV, 100μA
High Voltage Unit_40N100 HVU-40N100 -40kV, -100μA
High Voltage Unit_50P100 HVU-50P100 +50kV, 100μA
High Voltage Unit_50N100 HVU-50N100 -50kV, -100μA
High Frequncy Supply IHP-101 Heatable from 50℃to 200℃

Syringe pump / Gear pump

A syringe pump and a gear pump to supply sppinerets with solutions.

Syringe Pump

A syringe pump for the NANON.

Product Model
Syringe Pump IC3100 (KDS)
Syringe Pump Adapter_NANON P-SY-AD/NA

Gear Pump

A gear pump for the NF, the NW and the EDEN, which can supply solutions continuously.

Product Model
Gear Pump P-GR
Gear Pump Controller P-GR-OP


TAC connector

Metal connector

Luer-lock Connector

Needle connector

Connectors to joint syringe needles with spinnerets. There are some models for each spinneret.

Product Model Spinneret
Metal Connector
M-539-055A/CL Clip
Metal Connector
M-539-057/CA Coaxial
Needle Connector
M-539-755/TU Tubeless
Luer-lock Connector
TAC Connector
Hose Nipple



Controls humidity inside the spinning chamber.
(Off-the-shelf product only for the NANON.)

Tefron tube

Supplies solutions between a syringe and a spinneret.

Cleaning string

String to clean a tip of a spinneret.
Made of fire-resistant materials.

Charcoal Filter

To absorb organic solvents.

Neutral Filter

To collect nanofiber particles.


Syringe to supply solutions.
(Volume: 5ml)

Syringe Needle

27g (15mm, 22mm)
22G (15mm, 24mm)
18G (15mm, 24mm)