Nonwovens Electrospinner

The model NW-101 is an electrospinning system to spin nanofiber nonwovens of high uniformity at high speed.
Nanofibers of which diameter is from 10nanometer to several micrometer can be spun with materials such as PVDF.

  • Development of innovative pipe spinnerets
  • Newly-developed pipe spinnerets with 30 or 60 jet outlets increased productivities 360 times at a maximum compared to existing systems with one syringe. (patent pending)
  • High speed spinning of 600mm-wide membranes
  • 600mm-wide membranes can be spun at 10,000mm per minute with the state-of-the-art technology.
  • Individual control of 3 high voltage supplies
  • The NW-101 can integrate 3 positive power supplies and 1 negative supply which can be controlled individually, enabling spinning with 3 different solutions at the same time.
  • High performance collector to convey very thin materials
  • Only 0.2mm-thick steel belt collector was introduced to carry thin base materials without being peeled.
    The conveyor speed can be programmed in the range from 20 to 10,000mm per minute.
  • Spinning thick and uniform nanofiber sheets
  • By applying negative high voltage at a maximum of 10kV to the collector nonwovens of more than 10μm-thick can be obtained. (patented)
  • Quick and easy programming of spinning conditions
  • Parameters to spin nanofiber sheets can be easily programmed with a 10-key controller. (See the table below.)
Purpose of Use Research and development
Pilot production
Typical objects Nonwovens
High voltage supply(Positve) Voltage: 0.0kV to 40.0kV
Current: 0.0 to 100.0μA
*Up to 3 units can be integrated.
High voltage supply(Negatve) Voltage: 0.0kV to -10.0kV
Current: 0.0 to -300.0μA
Gear Pump Discharge 50 to 500ml/hr
Solution viscocity: 100 to 5000mPa・S
*Up to 3 units can be integrated.
Programmable parameter ・Positive high voltage ouput 1, 2, 3
・Negative high voltage
・Automatic pump discharge 1, 2, 3
・Manual pump discharge 1, 2, 3
・Spinning distance
・Conveyance speed
・Duration to retain high voltage after stopping spinning
Pipe spinneret 30 or 60 jet outlets / pipe
4 or 6 pipes can be installed.
Collector 600mm W x 0.2mm t x 3.3m L
Material: SUS304
Speed: 20 to 10,000mm/min
Materials to carry: Nonwoven sheet, Porous sheet Alminum foil
Roll-to-roll unit *Option Sensor for remaining materials
Potentiometer to detect tensions
Sensor for meandering of materials
Maximum width: 600mm
Maximum roll diameter: φ250mm
Maximum length: 50m
Safety device ・High voltage interlock
・Door lock
・Emergency stop button
・Signal tower
・Sensor for exhausting
・Strengthened glass

*The standard NW-101 system integrates 2 positive high voltage supplies, 1 negative high voltage supply, 2 gear pumps and 4 pipes of pipe spinnerets with 60 jet outlets.

General specifications

Ambient temperature 20 to 30 ℃
Ambient humidity 30% to 70% (without dews)
Rated voltage 85 to 264VAC
50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption 500VA or less
with R to R
without R to R

2700W x 1285D x 1870H (mm)
1990W x 1285D x1870H (mm)
Weight 1000kg or less