System Selection

System Selection - Comparison of functions

Model name
Purpose of use Pilot production of nonwovens Research and development Research and development
Typical nanofibers to spin    600mm-wide nonwovens

Aligned membrane 

Core/sheath fiber 

450mm-wide nanofiber roll

A4 size x 2 nonwovens
(200mm x 600mm)
Aligned membrane
Core and sheath fiber
Standard collector Steel belt Plate 200x150mm Plate 200x150mm
Optional collector and roll-to-roll unit R to R 600mm

Plate 600x150mm 

Drum φ200 w200 

Drum φ100 w200

Drum φ200 w30

Drum φ200 w600



R to R 200mm 

R to R 450mm 

R to R 500mm

Drum φ100 w200
Drum φ200 w200
Drum φ200 w30
R to R 200mm
Y-axis slide
Standard spinneret 60-holes pipe spinneret
(4 bars)
Clip 100mm

Clip 75mm

Optional spinneret 60-holes pipe spinneret
( 2 additional bars)
30-holes pipe spinneret
( 4 or 6 bars)

Vertical Clip 100mm 

Tubeless 100mm 

Coaxial  100mm 

Ultra-thin coaxial 100mm

MJS 4, 8, 6,12, 22 holes 

Solution Heating

11-syringe Nozzle 

Tubeless 75mm
Coaxial 75mm
Ultra-thin coaxial 75mm
Multiple jet 4-holes
Standard pump Gear pump  (2 units) Syringe pump  (2 units) Syringe pump  (1 unit)
Optional pump Gear pump
*1 additional unit.
n/a IC3100
Control 10 (ten) key Touch panel 10 (ten) key
Distance between needle and collector 100 to 200mm 50 to 250mm 50 to 150mm
Standard power supply Positive 40kV (2 units)
Negative -10kV
Positive or negative 50kV Positive 30kV
Optional power supply Positive 40kV n/a n/a
Traverse speed n/a 300mm/sec 300mm/sec
Rotation of drum and mandrel collectors n/a

Drum: 100 - 3000rpm

(Drum φ200w600: 100rpm)

Mandrel: 100rpm

Drum  50 - 3000rpm
Mandrel  50 - 100rpm
Conveyor speed 10,000mm/min (max.) n/a n/a