Electrospinning system for lab use

The model NF-500 is an electrospinning system that spins large nanofiber samples and long sheets.
The high-end equipment integrates a 50kV high voltage supply and a solution heating spinneret.

Major features

Solution heating spinneret

Drum collector
  • Spinning of a maximum of 500mm-long fiber sheets.
  • Productivity will increase with the use of multiple jet spinnerets.
  • Integrating a 50kV high voltage supply.
  • A variety of nanofibers can be spun by the high output supply.
  • Solution heating spinneret creates much more nanofibers.
  • Solutions hard to be solved with solvents can be spun by integrating this device.
  • Making aligned nanofibers.
  • High-quality aligned nanofiber sheets can be spun with
    200mm-diameter and 200mm-wide drum collector.
  • Safety features thinking about operators’ use.
  • The NF-500 is equipped with safety devices such as high
    voltage interlock, strengthened glass, door lock and exhaust
    gas and fiber filters thinking about operators’ use.


Purpose of Use Research and development
Typical objects Nonwovens / aligned fibers / long sheets
High voltage supply 50kV (positive or negative), 100microA
X-axis traverse speed 0 to 300mm/s
Y-axis adjustment 0 to -50mm
Programmable parameter High voltage output
Discharge volume of pump 1
Discharge volume of pump 2
Collector rotation speed
Frequency and interval of cleaning
Traversing distance of spinnerets
Traversing speed of spinnerets
Feeding speed of roll-to-roll collector
Temperature of solution heating
Collector rotation speed 30/200mm-wide drum / disk: 3000rpm
600mm-wide drum mandrel: 100rpm
Roll-to-roll collector Width of base material: 450mm
Feeding speed: 0.33 to 600mm/min
Solution heating unit Temperature: Room temperature to 200 degree C
Pump feeding volume 0.1 to 60ml/hour
Safety device High voltage interlock
Door lock
Emergency stop switch
High voltage lamp (signal tower)
Strengthened glass
Purification filters for exhaust gas and fibers

General specifications

Ambient temperature 20 to 30 degree C
Ambient humidity 30% to 70% (without dews)
Rated voltage/frequency 80 to 125V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 1500VA or less
Weight 700kg or less
Dimensions 1460W x 950D x 2056H (mm)

Standard parts

Parts Model Model number
Collector Plate collector C-PL
Spinneret Clip spinneret_100 S-CL/100
Pump 1, 2 Syringe pump SYRINGE PUMP 1, 2
High voltage supply 50kV/100μA supply HVU-50P(N)100

Optional parts

Parts Model Model number
Spinneret Coaxial spinneret S-CA/100
Ultra-thin coaxial spinneret S-UCA/100
Tubeless spinneret           S-TU/100
Solution heating spinneret             S-HU/100
11-syringe spinneret        S-11N/100
Multiple jet spinneret (MJS) S-MJ/4, 6, 8, 12, 22*
Collector Plate collector 600 x 150 C-PL/600x150
Drum collector φ200 w200 C-DR/D200W200
Drum collector φ100 w200 C-DR/D100W200
Drum collector φ200 w30 C-DR/D200W30
Drum collector φ200 w600 C-DR/D200W600
Disk collector       C-DI
Mandrel collector C-MA
Roll-to-roll collector_450   C-RR/450
Roll-to-roll collector_5       C-RR/500
Y-axis slide collector          C-YA

*5 models with 4, 6, 8, 12 and 22 holes