High-speed Spinning of Nonwovens of 1 meter wide.
Electrospinning System of High Productivity and Operability.

The model NF-1001 is an electrospinning system to spin nanofiber nonwovens to be used for pilot production.

A variety of solutions can be efficiently spun into nonwoven rolls of 1 meter wide(effective width).

The system is also equipped with several devices thinking about operators' safety.

Major features

  • Spinning nonwovens of 100um thickess
  • The system can spin nonwoven membranes of 100um-thick(or more) by integrating +50kV and -30kV high voltage supplies and securing 300mm Spinning distance.
  • Multiple Jet Spinnerets (MJS) of original technology
  • The system integrates Multiple Jet Spinnerets(MJS) that MECC deverloped and realizes high productivity by changing number of pieces and models in accordance with solutions.
  • Production of wide nonwoven rolls
  • A maximum of 21 pieces of MJS on 6 rows can be integrated to the system to spin nonwovens of 1.0m effective width at the speed of 1.5m/min.
  • Easy connection with existing roll-to-roll unit
  • Existing roll-to-roll unit can be connected with the NF-1001 by inputting sync signals from the system.
  • Thinking about operators' safety
  • The system is equipped with safety devices such as antistatic mechanism, strengthened glass, emergency switch and high voltage interlock.
  • Quick and easy operation with a touch panel
  • The System employs a touch panel to enter and memorize spinning conditions for convenient operations.

Specification of each unit (outline)

Dimensions 2900W x 2412L x 2330H (mm)
Positive high voltage supply 1, 2, 3 0.5 to 50.0kV, 200µA
Negative high voltage supply for collector -0.5 to -30.0kV, 1000µA
Power input 85 to 125VAC, 50/60Hz
Touch panel To enter and memorize spinning conditions, and to operate the NF-1001
Feed rate of solution
pump 1, 2, 3
50 to 500ml/h
Viscosity of solutions 200 to 5000mPa*s
Capacity of solutions tank 310W x 380D x 570H (mm)
Spinnerets (MJS) Aplication of high voltage up to 50kV.
Opetration with aqueous solutions and organic solvents.
Installation of MJS A total of 21 pieces on 6 rows can be installed.
Traversing function Top/bottom:100 to 400mm
Left/right: 0±200mm
Speed: 18,000mm/min
Collector unit
Safety operation with substrates tension at 11 kgf or less per substrates of 1250mm wide.
Lamp Available for chamber and spinnerets
Safety features ·High voltage interlock
·Emergency switch
·Signal tower
·Stremgthened glass
·Antistatic potential of chassis at 2000V or less
·No use of inert gas when volatilizing solutions in spinning

NF-1001 system diagram

Product introduction video