The ESM series

The ESM series
Electrospinning system for medical / healthcare applications

The ESM series is a nanofiber electrospinning device for medical /healthcare applications.
The HEPA filter is used for the air inlet, also most parts of the inside of the chamber are made of unpainted and highly antibacterial stainless steel.
In addition, mechanism in the spinning space is designed to minimize generation of dusts.
Various polymers can be spun into nanofiber sheets and tubular nanofibers of uniform fiber diameter and film thickness.

*This product is not approved as a medical device.

ESM-101 High-end model with high extendability

Coaxial spinneret

Drum collector

Aligned sheet

Various nanofibers such as aligned sheet and core/shell fiber can be spun by combining various nozzles and collectors.
The large space of the spinning chamber allows large samples to be created.

The ESM-101 is a high-end model with high extendability that can develop nanofibers while changing spinning conditions such as application of negative high voltage from an optional power supply

ESM-201 For developing tubular nanofibers

Special mandrel collector

Tubular nanofiber

ESM-201 is a nanofiber electrospinning device equipped with a special mandrel collector to make tubular nanofibers for developing applications such as artificial blood vessels or stents.
The large spinning space allows spinning of tubes up to 60 cm long.

With the built-in membrane thickness meter measurements be made automatically in programmed time period. Such data will be transmitted to PC to be displayed.
With three syringes different materials can be used to make tubular nanofibers.

Specifications / Performance

Electrospinning equipment for
medical and healthcare applications



Typical Objects Non-woven fabric (450mm-wide)
Aligned sheets
Hollow fibers
Core/shell fibers
Tubular nanofibers
Standard Collector Plate Mandrel
Optional Collector Drum Φ100w200 (up to 3000rpm)
Drum Φ200w30 (up to 3000rpm)
Drum Φ200w200 (up to 3000rpm)
Drum Φ200w300 (up to 100rpm)
Drum Φ200w600 (up to 100rpm)
Disk (up to 3000rpm)
Mandrel (up to 100rpm)
R to R 450mm-wide
R to R 500mm-wide
Y-axis slide(100mm- wide)
R to R 500mm
Standard spinneret Clip (100mm-wide) Clip (100mm-wide)
Optional Spinneret Vertical clip
11 nozzles
Pump 2 syringe pumps
(up to 3 syringes can be installed)
2 syringe pumps
(up to 3 syringes can be installed)
Spinning distance 50 to 300mm 50 to 300mm
Power consumption 1.5 kVA or less 1.5 kVA or less
Temperature 20 to 30 degree C 20 to 30 degree C
High voltage power supply 0 to 50 kV 0 to 50 kV
Syringe volume 5.0 / 10.0 / 20.0 / 50.0 (ml) 5.0 / 10.0 / 20.0 / 50.0 (ml)
Dimensions 1500W x 1060D x 1920H (mm) 1500W x 1060D x 1920H (mm)
Weight 1200kg or less 1200kg or less