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A long-term service award ceremony was held.


Our Nogami was awarded a 30-year service award by the Ogori City and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation!
It’s wonderful that Nogami has worked hard at MECC for 30 years!

May 24th at the Ogori City Chamber of Commerce.

Interview with Nogami

・How do you feel looking back on the past 30 years?
 ”It went by in the blink of an eye!”

・What is the most memorable episode so far?
 ”When I went on a business trip to South Korea to install equipment, I ate raw oysters and had to keep visiting the bathroom for three days.”

・What do you want to do in the future?
 ”Work as long as I can!
 Visit all the prefectures in Japan! (Currently, I have visited 39 prefectures)
 Attend all home matches of my favorite soccer team, AVISPA Fukuoka ! (I missed only three matches last year.)”

Let’s keep working hard together! We all depend on you!

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