Visitting in around China 2019


Hi! I’m Yan Qifeng, from Nanofiber Sales Department. Let me introduce my visitting place on 2019 in China.   西華師範大学(China West Normal University) Jan. 2019  in Sichuan We installed the NANON-01A and operated equipment trainning for students.   四川大学(Sichuan University) Feb. 2019 in Si・・・

Visitting CPM in Taiwan


We visitted Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd.(CPM)in Taipei, Taiwan on July 2019 and installed our new electrospinning machine EAB-101 and demonstrated making nanofiber sheets. EAB-101 CPM research and develop the latest coating materials and use the EAB-101 as researching artiical blood vessel.  ・・・

Nativas Sciences visitted MECC! on March 2019


(Photo: Usui, Konishi, Mr.Cesar, Naito)   Mr.Cesar Gonzalez at Nativas Sciences visitted MECC from U.S.A. on March 2019 and we had meeting about our business. We introduced how to operate and maintenance the NANON-01A.   Nativas Sciences has become a new MECC partner. They are responsible ・・・

Visitting NAMI in Hong Kong


We visited Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Ltd(NAMI) in Hong Kong and installed the additional parts for the electrospinning machine NW-101. This update the NW-101 will be able to make a better quality nanofiber samples.   They research and develop flexible battery and filters.   We ・・・


Joining The International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Composites in Taiwan


photo: NTUST( We joined The International Conference on Nanomaterials and Advanced Composites in Taipei, Taiwan from August 9-11, 2019. It was a very nice event and we made a presentation about electrospinning and our technology and products there. Thank you・・・

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