Nonwovens Electrospinning System for Pilot Production

Adoption of PLC Control.
High speed and uniform spinning of nanofibers with pipe/multijet spinnerets.

The model NW-103 is an electrospinning system to spin nonwovens sheets. With solutions suh as PVDF, PAN and PVA, nanofibes of which diameters are from several tens of nanometers to several micrometers can be spun using electrospinning method.

Spinning nonwovens of 100um thickess

  • High speed spinning of nanofibers on the 850mm-wide belt
  • The NW-103 integrates spinnerets on 4 rows of rails and can spin 850mm-wide nanofiber sheets (effective width at 680mm).
  • PLC control enabling easy connection of Roll-to-Roll unit
  • With PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control the interface with a user's equipment such as Roll-to-roll unir was made easier.
    Selection of pipe or multijet spinnerets for solutions to spin. A variety of solutions can be spun into nanofibers by selecting pipe spinnerets or multijet spinnerets (MJS).
  • Programmable left/right traversing and spinning distance
  • Left/right traversing distance and speed and spinning distance can be easily programmed.
  • 100um or thicker membranes
  • Connection of a negative 10kV high voltage supply to the collector (conveyor belt) creates membranes of 100um or thicker.
  • Use as a pilot production machine
  • By the combination of Roll-to-roll unit and/or an environmental controller the NW-103 can be used as a stand-alone system or a pilot production system.
  • Safety features and easy operation
  • Considering operators' safety , safety features such as a high voltage interlock, a door lock, strengthened glassglass, instant high voltage discharge, a prefilter and emergency switches are equipped. Parameters to spin nanofiber sheets can be easily programmed with a 10-key controller.

NW-103 system diagram

Purpose of Use Research and development
Pilot production
Typical objects 850mm-wide nowovens (effective width at 680mm)
Spinneret Pipe/multijet spinnerets
Gear Pump Feed rate 50 to 500ml/hr.
Solution viscocity: 100 to 5000mPa・S.
*Up to 3 units can be integrated.
Standard Collector
(Conveyor Belt)
850mm W x 0.2mm t x 4.1m L
Material: SUS304
Roll-to-roll unit (option) Maximum width 600mm
Maximum roll diameter: φ250mm
Maximum length 50m
Sensor for remaining materials
Potentiometer to detect tensions
Sensor for meandering of materials
Control/Programming PLC/Touch panel
Spinning distance 100 to 300mm (motorized up/down adjustment)
High voltage supply Voltage 0.0kV to 40.0kV
Current 0.0 to 100.0μA
*Up to 3 units can be integrated.
Traversing Traversing range 100mm (+/- 50mm)
Traversing speed 0 to 100 mm/sec
Conveyor speed 10,000mm/min or less
Safety device ・High voltage interlock
・Door lock
・Emergency stop button
・Signal tower
・Sensor for exhausting
・Strengthened glass

General specifications

10 to 40 degree C
30 to 60% (without dews)
Rated voltage 90 to 132VAC or 198 to 242VAC
Power consumption 1.0KW or less.
Dimensions 3,260 × 1,690 × 2,000 mm with Roll to Roll
4,035 × 1,690 × 2,000 mm Without Roll to Roll
Weight 1.2 t or less.