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Warranty / Service after sales

Tell me about warranty policies and service after sales.

We repair our products free of charge one year after shipment. Sales or service
staff will visit your facility when investigation or repair seems to be necessary.

Where can we obtain consumable parts after purchasing your electrospinner?

You can order such parts with us or via shopping sites such as Alibaba.

Making samples / Consultation

Can we get any advices regarding spinning conditions from you?

Yes. If you tell us about materials you are using, our technical staff will give you some suggestions based on our data base.

Can you make any samples for us?

Yes. If you give us materials (and spinning conditions), we will try to make
samples for you. Please understand there is a case we cannot spin them into fibers though we will do our best.

Can we come to your facility to see your machine spinning nanofibers?

Yes. We welcome you at our factory and lab at any time. Please make an appointment with our sales staff.


What parameters do we have to think about to electrospin nanofibers?

You had better take the following parameters into consideration.

・High voltage ・Viscosity of solutions
・Conductivity of solutions ・Ambient temperature
・Ambient humidity ・Spinning distance
・Volatility of solutions ・Characteristics of solutions

What solutions are good for electrospinning?

The solutions have to be soluble in solvents and be viscoelastic.
Please see the page of “Consultation”as for polymers which we have electrospun up to now.

What syringe needles do you recommend?

We are using 18G, 22G and 27G syringe needles and are cutting tips of needles horizontally to get stable Taylor corns.

What chemicals can be used for solvents?

We usually use the following solvents.

・DMF ・Acetone ・Chloroform
・DCM ・Ethanol ・Methanol
・Pure water    

Can you electrospin nanofibers using natural materials such as Protein, Gelatin, Hyaluronic acid or Collagen?

Yes. We have spun both single and composite materials, which were supplied by our customers.
However, we do not know details of the materials such as molecular weight, molecular structure, chargeability, conductivity or matching solvents.

Lab Equipment (NANON, NF)

The high voltage output from the lab equipment seems to be low. Why?

We have designed the spinning chamber of our lab equipment to realize stable electric field thinking about layout and materials of components.
That is why efficient spinning can be made with lower voltage.

What safety measures have been taken?

Our electrospinners are equipped with the following safety devices.
・High voltage interlock
・Door lock during operation}
・Strengthened door glass
・Signal tower
・Emergency stop button
In addition, the high voltage output is lower to avoid the risk of explosion or X-ray exposure as much as possible.
Please see specification notes of each system as for details.

What is the major feature of your lab equipment?

Major features of our equipment are as follows:
・We design the spinning chamber of our lab equipment to realize stable electric field thinking about layout and materials of components.
・Desired nanofibers can be obtained by combining a variety of components such as spinnerets and collectors.
・Cleaning mechanism for a tip of a syringe needle (patented)
・Spinning of aligned nanofibers with a drum and a disk collector. (patented)
・Operations are programmable only with a 10-key and/or a touch panel.

Is the system equipped with a humidity controller?

No, it is not. Instead, we recommend to connect a dehumidifier available in the market as shown in the accessory page of this web site.

What can be used for a base materials of the roll-to-roll collector?

Aluminum foils or thin paper sheets (<50μm) without conductive coating can be used.

NW-101 Nonwoven Electrospinner

What is the maximum volume of solutions which can be used at once?

9 liter. (3 liter x 3 bottles)

Is the NW-101 equipped with an exhaust system?

No it is not. We usually recommend filters as follows.

How many jet outlets does the pipe spinneret have?

There are two types of spinnerets with 30 and 60 outlets.
A standard system to integrate 4 pipe spinnerets and additional 2 spinnerets as an option.
A maximum of 360 (60 outlets x 6 spinnerets) outlets.

Which is more productive, the NW-101 or the EDEN?

The maximum number of jet holes of a MJS (Multiple Jet Spinneret) is 22.
When 4 MJS are installed on 4 bars, the total jet outlets will be 352 (22 x 4 x 4). So, productivity of the both systems are almost the same.

How do you clean the pipe spinnerets?

You can prevent holes from being clogged using solvents to solve solutions.
We usually soak spinnerets in DMF for more than 8 hours in case solutions are PVDF.

Any droplets to be created on nanofiber sheets?

It depends on spinning conditions. You will have almost no droplets when spinning is made in the best conditions.

Is it equipped with any environment controller?

No, it is not. We usually recommend a system such as PAU-AZ2000SE-DR made by APISTE.

Can it spin nanofibers with different solutions?

Yes. The system can integrate 3 gear pumps and 3 high voltage supplies to spin fibers with 3 different solutions at the same time.

Can we see the equipment actually spinning fibers?

Yes. You can come to our facility in Fukuoka, Japan at any time. Please make an appointment with our sales representative.