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Components for Electrospinning ; Collector series

Nanofibers will be spun by jets of polymer solutions spraying from a spinneret, to which high voltage at 20 to 40 kilovolts is applied, to a grounded collector.
A variety of nanofibers can be made by choosing collectors of different shape, size and function.


Plate Collector

Product Model System
Plate collector C-PL NANON, NF-500
Plate collector_600x150 C-PL/600×150 NF-500

Good for spinning nonwoven sheets.It is convenient to use the collector to calculate spinning conditions.
Sample size:
・ 200 x 150 mm
・ 600 x 150 mm


Drum Collector

Product Model System
Drum Collector_φ200W200 C-DR/D200W200 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ100W200 C-DR/D100W200 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ200W30 C-DR/D200W30 NANON, NF-500
Drum Collector_φ200W600 C-DR/D200W600 NF-500

Nonwoven sheets and aligned fibers can be spun by varying rotation speed.
Sample size:
・ A4 x 2 sheets
(200 x 600 mm)
・ 450 x 628 mm
・ 600 x 628 mm


Mandrel Collector

Product Model System
Mandrel Collector C-MA NANON, NF-500

Tubular nanofiber structure can be spun. Mandrels of preferred diameter can be custom made.
Diameter of rods:
1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (mm)


Disk Collector

Product Model System
Disk collector C-DI NANON, NF-500

Aligned nanofiber bundles can be spun.

628mm-long filament



Y-axis Slide Collector

Product Model System
Y-axis Slide Collector C-YA NANON, NF-500
Y-axis Collector Controller C-YA-OP NANON, NF-500

The plate collector was modified so that its Y-axis will be moved.
A controller unit is required.
Stroke: +/- 25mm
Speed: 0 to 10mm

Sample size: 10mm x 10mm



Roll to Roll Collector

Product Model System
R to R Collector_NANON C-RR/NA NANON
R to R Collector_500 C-RR/NF NF-500
R to R Collector_450 C-RR/450 NF
R to R Controller C-RR-OP NANON
R to R Wiring Adapter_NANON C-RR-WIRE/NA NANON

The collector can be integrated to NANON and NF series to spin nanofiber sheets. Alminum foil can be used as base materials.

Sample size:
・ 200mm x 10m
・ 450mm x 10m