Beat the corona virus (COVID 19) !

Most of viruses can be captured by forming nanofibers on the middle sheet of 3-layer face masks.

High performance "nanofiber masks" can be produced by electrospinning nanofibers effectively on 600mm or 1000mm wide base materials.

We at MECC are going to provide our customers with nanofiber electrospinning systems or nanofiber sheets.

*Please supply base materials to us when placing a formal order. We will not produce face masks.

EDEN (NF-1001) Movie of electrospinning of nanofibers
Free offer of 200mm x 200mm nanofiber sheets.

Click "Contact us" on the top right and write "Free nanofiber sample." and your ship-to address, then send it to us.
  *The sample will be of no use for people who do not manufacture masks.
We are under serious and critical situations threatened by the corona virus.
Please do not apply to the offer just with an interest or curiosity.