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Electrospinning system for lab use

The model NF-500 is an electrospinning system that spins large nanofiber samples and long sheets.
The high-end equipment integrates a 50kV high voltage supply and a solution heating spinneret.

Major features

  • Spinning of a maximum of 500mm-long fiber sheets.
    Productivity will increase with the use of multiple jet
  • Integrating a 50kV high voltage supply.
    A variety of nanofibers can be spun by the high output supply.
  • Solution heating spinneret creates much more nanofibers.
    Solutions hard to be solved with solvents can be spun by
    integrating this device.
  • Making aligned nanofibers.
    High-quality aligned nanofiber sheets can be spun with
    200mm-diameter and 200mm-wide drum collector.
  • Safety features thinking about operators’ use.
    The NF-500 is equipped with safety devices such as high   

    voltage interlock, strengthened glass, door lock and exhaust
    gas and fiber filters thinking about operators’ use.


Model name NF-500
Purpose of use Research and development
Typical nanofibers to spin 450mm-wide nonwovens
Aligned membrane
Core/shell nanofiber
Porous fiber
Standard spinneret Clip
Optional spinneret Vertical Clip
MJS 4, 6, 8 holes
Solution heating
11-syringe clip
BNP(Bit Nozzle Pipe) Spinneret
Standard collector Plate
Optional collector Drum φ200 w200(up to 3000rpm)
Drum φ100 w200(up to 3000rpm)
Drum φ200 w30(up to 3000rpm)
Drum φ200 w300(up to 100rpm)
Drum φ200 w600(up to100rpm)
Disk(up to 3000rpm)
Mandrel (up to 100rpm)
Roll to roll 450mm/500mm
Y-axis Slide
Pump Syringe pump 2 sets (To mount 3 syringes each)
High voltage power supply Voltage: 0.1 to 50.0kV
Current: 0.0 to 100.0μA
Traversing speed 0 to 300mm/sec
Rotation speed of collectors Drum; 100 to 3000rpm
Disk; 100 to 3000rpm
Mandrel; 50 to100rpm
Spinning distance 50 to 300mm
Programmable parameter ・High voltage output
・Feed rate of solutions from pump
・Rotation speed of collector
・Up/down moving distance of slider (semi-automatic)
・Frequency and interval of cleaning
・Traversing speed and distance
Inhaling and exhausting volume of fan 60㎥/hr or more
Feed rate 0.1 to 60ml/hr
Capacity of syringes 2.0 / 5.0 / 10.0/ 20.0 (ml)
Control Touch panel
External dimensions (Except protrusions) 1460W x 950D x 1903H (mm)
Weight 700kg or less
Safety devices ・Safety interlock
・Door lock
・Emergency stop button
・Signal tower
・Air supply filter and exhaust gas purification filter
・Immediate shutoff of high-voltage output after POWER
・Shutoff of high voltage output when over-current flows

Components to be integrated


Plate Collector


Drum Collector


Mandrel Collector


Disk Collector


Y-axis Slide Collector


Roll to Roll Collector


Clip Spinneret


Vertical Clip Spinneret


Coaxial Spinneret


Tubeless Spinneret


11-syringe Clip Spinneret


Multiple Jet Spinneret (MJS)


BNP(Bit Nozzle Pipe) Spinneret


Solution Heating Spinneret


High voltage power supply

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