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Ideal for developing applications.
An entry model for electrospinning nanofibers.

The NEX-101 is a lab equipment for R & D of nanofiber electrospinning.
Devices such as a high voltage supply, a clip spinneret(nozzle) and a drum collector are integrated to make experiments.
The product is ideal for making trial samples and developing applications.

Main features

  • Easy programming of spinning conditions.
    The following parameters can be easily programmed.
    ·High voltage output: 0 to 30kV
    (An LED indicator is available on the front panel.)
    ·Spinning distance: 100 to 200mm
    ·Traversing distance: 0 to 200mm
  • Quick and easy making of nonwovens samples
    150mm × 150mm-size samples can be easily obtained by the combination of a traversing spinneret and a rotating drum collector.
  • Thinking about operators’ safety
    Operators are highly secured by devices such as chassis made of metals, a high voltage lamp and an emeregency switch.(Be sure to connect an exaust fan to the equipment when using organic solvents.)
  • All control and display functions are avallable on the front panel.
    POWER switch and lamp / System power switch and lamp
    High voltage switch, controller and meter / Traversing switch and controller
    Home position switch / Collector rotation switch


Model name NEX-101
Purpose of use Research and development
Typical nanofibers to spin Nanofiber nonwovens 150×150 (mm)
Standard spinneret Clip
Optional spinneret Coaxial
Standard collector Simple plate
Optional collector Drum φ50 w150(50rpm)
Pump External syringe pump
High voltage power supply Voltage: 0.5 to 30.0kV
Current: 0.0 to 50.0μA
Traversing speed 20mm/sec
Rotation speed of collectors Drum; 50rpm
Spinning distance 100 to 200mm
Programmable parameter ・High voltage output
・Rotation speed of collector
・Traversing speed and distance
Inhaling and exhausting volume of fan Not available
*Fan of 12㎥/hr or more capacity to be connected.
Feed rate
Capacity of syringes
Control Switches and knobs on the front panel
External dimensions (Except protrusions) 750W x 500D x 745H (mm)
Weight 50kg or less
Safety devices ・Safety interlock
・Emergency stop button
・Signal tower
・Immediate shutoff of high-voltage output after POWER
・Shutoff of high voltage output when over-current flows

Components to be integrated

Coaxial Spinneret

Syringe Pump

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