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You can choose the device! Electrospinning device.

Supports Japanese, English, and Chinese! Setting details are easy to understand with graph instructions!
You can replace the nozzle! Operation and display functions are consolidated on the front panel!


【Core/shell structure nanofiber】

【Fibers with particles】

【Beaded nanofiber】

【Porous nanofiber】

【Interconnected structure nanofiber】

Main features

  • Heating collector
    Accelerates solvent volatilization.
  • X-Y moving stage
    Produces large and uniform nanofibers.
  • Thinking of workers’safety
    Safety interlock for high voltage output and moving mechanism.
  • Tempered glass on two sides
    Spinning status can be clealy observed.

Performance and specifications

Model name NES-101A
Purpose of use Research and development (LAB use)
Typical nanofibers to spin Nonwovens, Core/shell nanofiber, Beaded nanofiber
Spinneret Clip, Tubeless, Coaxial
Collector Plate (100mmx100mm), X-Y moving stage, Heating collector
High voltage power supply 0.5 to 30kV/100µA (programmable in 0.1kV)
0.5 to 40kV/100µA (programmable in 0.1kV)
Pump Syringe Pump *One in the market can be integrated.
Exhaust fan Exhausting volume at 6㎥/hr or more
(Optional purification filter available)
Spinning distance 50 to 200mm
(From the tip of a spinneret needle to the top surface of a collector.)
Programmable parameter High voltage output, Feed rate of solutions from the pump
X/Y/Z distance, Temperature
Feed rate 0.1 to 60ml/hr
Capacity of syringes 2.5 / 5.0 / 10.0 (ml)
Collector heating temperature 0°c to 100°c
Operation ambience Temperature 10°c to 40°c
Humidity 30% to 70% (without dews)
Rated power supply 95 to 105VAC or 198 to 242 VAC (Setting at factory)
Power consumption 1kW or less
Externai dimentions of a chassis 850W X 654D X 890H (mm)
Dimensions of spinning chamber 826W x 620D x 697H (mm)
Weight 85kg or less
Safety features
  • High voltage interlock (Door switch)
  • High speed shutoff of high voltage output
  • Emergency stop button
  • Pilot Lamp
  • Tempered glass
  • Door key
  • Stop button for XY stage*


Components to be integrated

Clip Spinneret

Coaxial Spinneret

Tubeless Spinneret

High voltage power supply(30kV/40kV)

Syringe Pump

Plate collector

Heating collector

X-Y moving stage

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