Trial spinning of gelatin/PVP mixed nanofiber sheet②

By changing the solvent that was previously spun and increasing the percentage of gelatin in the solution Gelatin and PVP mixed nanofiber sheets have been newly spun.When immersed in ethanol, it became gelatinous, but when observed with a microscope,≫ more

Trial spinning of gelatin/PVP mixed nanofiber sheet!

After spinning, we soaked the gelatin/PVP mixed nanofiber sheet into ethanol to remove PVP, then dried it and observed under a microscope.In addition, we also soaked the PVP nanofiber sheet into ethanol as a comparison to see if gelatin remained. The≫ more

We have spun nanofiber sheets of PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone).

PVP is a water-soluble polymer and is used as an adhesives, cosmetics, and excipient for tablets.In addition, it has water retentivity, and is used as a resin component of soft contact lenses, contact lens solution, and lens cleaning solution.

Gelatin electrospinning spinning test

Gelatin is made of protein and has applications in the food and medical fields.However, electrospinning of gelatin is difficult due to gelation and high solution conductivity. Therefore, we conducted an experiment focusing on the isoelectric point of≫ more

Electrospinning Method

Major features of the electrospinning method is to spin a variety of materials (mainly polymers) into nanofiber shapes and control of fiber shapes is relatively easy. Research up to now realized electrospinning of the following materials. (See Fig.1)≫ more

Applications of Nanofibers

Applications of nanofibers below are currently thought to be promising, and research in such fields is progressing at many colleges, laboratories and corporations. Healthcare Regenerative medicine, wound treatment, drug delivery system Environmental ≫ more

Research trnds of nanofibers

1) Number of nanofiber-related articles   Fig. 7  Transition of number of articles related nanofibers (From the website of JST J-GLOBAL) The internet database report tells that number of articles related to nanofibers exceeds 8,000 in Japan as o≫ more

Nanofibers for Medical Applications

One of the most important and promising applications of nanofibers made by electrospinning method is the medical field. So many companies around the world involved in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and fabric businesses, and la≫ more