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About safety features of NANON-01B.

Our most popular nanofiber electric field spinning equipment “NANON-01B” has a full range of safety functions. It is easy to operate and is recommended for those who will start nanofiber research and development.

Introducing the popular product NF-500!

This time, we will introduce some of the applications that can be made with the NF-500. Healthcare ・Scaffold material for regenerative medicine Recently, it is used in regenerative medicine study, such as a base material for cell culture. ・Artificial≫ more

A wide nanofiber sheet can be created!! NW-103

The NW-103 introduced this time can create a wide nanofiber sheet with an effective width of 600mm.It is also equipped with 3 gear pumps, 3 positive high voltage power supplies, and 1 negative high voltage power supply to control solutions supplied f≫ more

A mobile spinneret movie!

Just take a look at the short movie of the Mobile Spinneret! ⇒【Nanofiber】A mobile spinneret movie