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Introducing the popular product NF-500!


This time, we will introduce some of the applications that can be made with the NF-500.


Scaffold material for regenerative medicine

Recently, it is used in regenerative medicine study, such as a base material for cell culture.

・Artificial blood vessel

Electronic materials


Separator in the battery(from the website of Teijin Corporation)

It is being developed as a material for electrodes and separators used in highly efficient solar cells, fuel cells, and storage batteries.

【Major features】

・Spinning of a maximum of 500mm-long fiber sheets.

・It is possible to conduct various studies using the solution heating spinneret, 11-syringe clip spinneret, etc.

※Refer to the latest news in the past for the detailed introduction of each parts.

・For those who are considering mass production of products in the future, it is possible to smoothly move to trial spinning on a mass production machine by first making a trial spinning with the NF-500.

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