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We gave a lecture at the Society of Polymer Science! !


Naito of our company participated in the special lecture of the Society of Polymer Science of Kyushu Branch held at Saga University on November 25, 2022.

In this lecture, it was a lecture by branch members, professors in various fields, and people from companies.

・”Air Bubbles Stabilized by PNIPAM Copolymer Nanogel” (Saga University) Shintaro Mori

・”Application of nanofibers by electrospinning method” (Mec Co., Ltd.’s nanofiber division) Chikashi Naito

・”Anisotropic and soft materials created from inorganic nanosheet liquid crystals” (Fukuoka Institute of Technology) Nobuyoshi Miyamoto

If you are interested in applying nanofibers using electrospinning equipment, please contact us from our website.

Saga University (Lecture Room)
Photo of the lecture