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Visitting CPM in Taiwan


We visitted Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd.(CPM)in Taipei, Taiwan on July 2019 and installed our new electrospinning machine EAB-101 and demonstrated making nanofiber sheets.


CPM research and develop the latest coating materials and use the EAB-101 as researching artiical blood vessel.


After installation, we couldn’t make high quality nanofiber samples due to the trouble of dehumidifier, but finally we could make better quality samples.

We expect that MECC’s nanofiber devices will play an important role in their work from now on!


Also, Mr.Chen and Mr.Chang stayed in MECC for about 1 month on April 2019.

We hope they enjoyed Kyushu in Japan and Ogori-city around MECC headquarters.


Mr.Chen, Mr. Chang and MECC staff

Frog Temple nearby MECC head office


Thank you very much!