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Visitting in around China 2019


Hi! I’m Yan Qifeng, from Nanofiber Sales Department.

Let me introduce my visitting place on 2019 in China.


西華師範大学(China West Normal University)

Jan. 2019  in Sichuan

We installed the NANON-01A and operated equipment trainning for students.


四川大学(Sichuan University)

Feb. 2019 in Sichuan

We inspected the electrospinning equipment and enjoyed Sichuan Hotpot!


中山大学(Sun Yat-sen University)

Mar. 2019 in Guangdong

We visitted Sun Yat-sen University and Canton Tower.


中科院重慶緑色智能技術研究院(Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Apr. 2019 in Chongqing

We installed the NANON-01A and operated trainning for students.

東南大学(Southeast University)

Jun. 2019 in Nanjing

We visitted Southeast University and enjoyed local music at food stalls.

Coating P. Materials Co., Ltd.

Jul. 2019 in Taiwan

We enjoyed Taiwan beer and shrimp fishing and so on.

Thank you very much!