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Trial spinning of gelatin/PVP mixed nanofiber sheet!

After spinning, we soaked the gelatin/PVP mixed nanofiber sheet into ethanol to remove PVP, then dried it and observed under a microscope.
In addition, we also soaked the PVP nanofiber sheet into ethanol as a comparison to see if gelatin remained.

The gelatin/PVP mixed sheet left a semi-transparent film after soaking, while the PVP sheet became transparent and seemed to have melted.

After drying, the gelatin/PVP mixed sheet had a cloudy residue, and the PVP sheet had a transparent residue.
We checked the dried gelatin/PVP mixed sheet under a microscope, but as a result, it did not retain the shape of the nanofibers.

The gelatin/PVP mixed sheet photomicrograph

The reason for this is thought to be the amount of gelatin in the mixed solution and the reaction between water molecules and alcohol remaining in the fiber.
Gelatin nanofibers are expected to be used in the medical field, such as artificial bones and artificial skin.
We will continue our experiments so that we can fabricate gelatin nanofiber sheets.
If you have any advice, please let us know.