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【Limited Time Offer !】

We will present nanofiber samples of PCL. Major Applications:・Regeneration of bones and teeth・Combination of nerves・Regeneration of cornea・Artificial skin Electrospun nanofiber samples of PCL will be presented to first 20 researchers. Please put your≫ more

About safety features of NANON-01B.

Our most popular nanofiber electric field spinning equipment “NANON-01B” has a full range of safety functions. It is easy to operate and is recommended for those who will start nanofiber research and development.

How to choose a device

●You need a simple device first, no budget. ⇒ 【NEX-101】are recommended. Devices such as a high voltage supply, a clip spinneret(nozzle) and a drum collector are integrated to make experiments.The product is ideal for making trial samples and developi≫ more


Frequently asked questions about spinning can be found at the link below. FAQ ⇒ Also, please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.