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A sales staff has joined!

A new staff has joined our Nanofiber sales team. Wang san This week, I will start learning how to spin nanofiber using our NANON!I will mainly be in charge of sales in China, and I look forward to working with you all.

Recent Developments in Nanofibers

      We will introduce recent developments in nanofibers.      Application Areas Medical・Cell scaffolds・Wound healing・Wound dressings・Artificial blood vessels・DDS・Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)・Bone regeneration・Artificial corneas・Nerve regeneration 〈F≫ more

Chitosan/PVA Mixed Solution Conductivity Measurement

I’m Tsumugi, a researcher. This time, I investigated the conductivity of a mixed solution of chitosan and PVA. TsumugiShe is a second-year researcher in the Nanofiber Division of MECC.Her hobbies include reading science magazines and the latest≫ more

Introducing Our New Sales Staff

This time, we are introducing the new staff members who will be joining the Nanofiber Sales Department! On the left: Yuehong On the right: Mani Yuehong will primarily handle sales in China, while Mani will take care of sales in other overseas regions≫ more

Introducing the New Employee Training

Two new recruits have been assigned to the Nanofiber Sales Department! Their goal is to become proficient in spinning fibers on their own, and they are diligently listening to and following the guidance of their senior colleagues! The equipment they ≫ more