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Nanofibers for Medical Applications

One of the most important and promising applications of nanofibers made by electrospinning method is the medical field.
So many companies around the world involved in chemical, pharmaceutical, medical equipment and fabric businesses, and laboratories of universities are researches and develops technologies and products, and we are having many inquiries from them.
It seems that some companies have succeeded in commercializing such nanofiber products.

Main features of nanofibers from a medical perspective


Aligned nanofiber sheets for scaffolds to culture

1. Adhesion to cells Easy to be scaffolds for cell proliferation.

2. Bioabsorbable / biodegradable Absorbed and decomposed in the body over a certain period of time.

3. Porous and huge surface area – Small gaps between fibers that allow solutions to enter – High moisture retention – Infruence to contacting biological

4. Physical and dynamic strength Adjustable strength and elasticity

Typical applications


Tube fiber for covered stent

1. Scaffolds for biological cell culturing and proliferation Materials for regenerative medicine *Study results available from culturing and separating iPS cells.

2. Drug delivery system (DDS) – Drug release capsule – Transdermal absorbent – Drug release artificial skin – Wound dressing

3. Support and replacement of biological functions – Artificial blood vessel – Covered stent – Artificial cornea – Artificial skin – Filling agent for artificial bone

4. Wound and therapeutic applications – Nerve / organ patch – Wound covering and protective agent (dressing material, bandage) – Dialysis membrane – Medical gauze – Surgical adhesive sheet – Adhesion prevention material

MECC products for medical applications


Electrospinning of tube fibers for artificial blood
vessels with a special mandrel collector

■Nanofiber tube (NF-500)
By integrating a mandrel collector to NF-500 and rotating rods of diameters at 3 to 6mm, we electrospun nanofiber tubes to develop artificial blood vessels.

■Aligned nanofiber (NANON-01BNF-500)
By integrating a 200mm-wide and 200mm-diameter drum collector for highspeed rotation, we electrospun aligned nanofiber sheets typically for cell culturing.

■Nanofiber cottons (NANON-01B)
We created nanofiber cottons in solutions under nozzles, that will treat bones and teeth by being soaked in medicine liquid.