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Part 2: Mobile Spinneret [Spinning on the face]

February 25, 2022 Hi, everybody!  My name is Toshiyuki Fukuma at Sales Department. Today, I tried spinning fibers on my face for the first time! Material: PVA, PEO Voltage: 18kV Feed Rate: 1.0ml/h   It may look painful but actually not. I just f≫ more

Part 1: Mobile Spinneret [Demonstration]

February 24, 2022 Hi, everybody!  My name is Toshiyuki Fukuma at Sales Department. I am demonstrating the mobile spinneret for customers all over Japan.   It is much smaller than existing equipment and everyone is surprised to see me spinning fi≫ more

Development of nanofibers for the balloon therapy

                The tube in the photo is a sample of a balloon  to expand blood vessels for treatment of heart deseases  and so on, which is called the Balloon Therapy. One of our customers in U.S. is developin≫ more

Development and experiment of mobile electrospinning device!

We are now developing and experimenting a mobile electrospinning device that can spin nanofibers while holding it by a hand. The device has a maximum of 30kV high voltage output, which can be programmed and controlled with a cell phone. Details are c≫ more

3D electrospinning – Nanofiber-Mâché Hollow Ball

  Prof. Satoshi Fujita‘s laboratory at Fukui University succeeded in elctrospinning 3D structure naofibers mimicking a cyst. Our electrospinner was used for the experiment. Please see the very interesting article.≫ more

ESM-101 was installed at NIMS

We delivered the ESM-101, electrospinning system for medical and healthcare applications, to NIMS, National Institute for Materials Science. It will be used by Prof. Mitsuhiro Ebara, a world-wide famous researcher of nanofibers in medical fields in T≫ more

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NANON-01A on the paper for Gold Nanomesh Conductors for Wearable Sensors

Our device was introduced in a paper on interconnected hot-pressed gold nanomesh conductors for wearable sensors! If you are interested, please visit the following site.   (Abstract) We report≫ more

Co-axial spinneret promotion now!

(Chinese below) Co-axial spinneret promotion now! You can purchase a co-axial spinneret (previous model) with a special deal. This product will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, early purchase is recommended. If you are interested in, plea≫ more