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Shutdown of Operations; Apr 27 – May 6

We will close our office and factory in the period from April 27 – May 6 due to Japanese National Holidays especially for imperial throne. Please send e-mail to in the period.  We will try to get back with you a.s.a.p. MECC

Visitting Visionary BioMed in Taipei

(Photo:Professor Tseng How)   We visited Visionary BioMed in Taipei, Taiwan and installed our electrospinning machine NF-103 and demonstrated making nanofiber sheets.     They research and develop the latest regenerative medicine such ≫ more

Spinning acetyl cellulose

We electrospun acetyl cellulose (cellulose acetate) into nanofiber sheets. The acetyl cellulose is used for a variety of applications such as photo films, paints, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) films, separation membranes (filters).  In addition, it at≫ more

Uploading a new video of Coaxial Spinneret

We uploaded a new video of  Coaxial Spinneret on Youtube. 芯鞘式喷头的介绍视频发布到YouTube上了。 The video explain how to use and install of Coaxial Spinneret. Additionally it introduce typical applications of nanofibers used  by Coaxial Spinneret. Please check it ≫ more

Electrospinning of Polyimide

We spun polyimide (PI) into nanofibers with the electrospinning method. PI has features of high heat resistance and electric insulation and is used for materials of filters, protection membranes and insulation sheets of electric circuits. Nanofibers ≫ more

The NF-103 was introduced on Japanese TV program.

【The electrospinning system NF-103 was introduced on Japanese TV program】   The model NF-103 was introduced on the Japanese TV program “World Business Satellite” for development of artifical skin development by Kao Corporation. &nbsp≫ more

Visiting KIST in Korea

We visited Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST),  in Seoul, Korea. We  installed our NANON-01A and demonstrated making of samples. They were pleased with successful electrospinning of nanofibers using their solutions and easy operation of≫ more

Electrospinning of PEO with Disk Collector

We electrospun PEO into aligned nanofibers using the disk collector. The disk collector can spin aligned nanofiber bundles without base materials (substrates). Generally, the more the disk collector rotates, the higher alignment can be obtained. The ≫ more

Electrospinning PCL into aligned nanofibers

Using the drum collector we spun PCL (Polycaprolactone) into aligned nanofiber sheets with electrospinning method. PCL has excellent characteristics such as biodegradability and mechanical strength, and is widely used for purposes such as agricultura≫ more