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How to choose a device

●You need a simple device first, no budget. ⇒ 【NEX-101】are recommended.

Devices such as a high voltage supply, a clip spinneret(nozzle) and a drum collector are integrated to make experiments.
The product is ideal for making trial samples and developing applications.



●You want to experiment with different materials. ⇒ 【NANON-01B】are recommended.

A variety of materials can be spun by programming spinning conditions and combining system parts such as spinnerets and collectors.

●You want to make even larger and more diverse samples. ⇒ 【NF-500】are recommended.

This equipment is capable of producing samples 500 mm wide. The high-end equipment integrates a 50kV high voltage supply and a solution heating spinneret.

●You want to do research and development for medical/healthcare. ⇒ 【The ESM series】are recommended.

The HEPA filter is used for the air inlet, also most parts of the inside of the chamber are made of unpainted and highly antibacterial stainless steel.

●You want to do pilot production. ⇒ 【NW-103】are recommended.

With solutions suh as PVDF, PAN and PVA, nanofibes of which diameters are from several tens of nanometers to several micrometers can be spun using electrospinning method.



Please also see the System Selection.